Saturday, 26 November 2011

Almost in france!!

Well after a long day of travelling and a few pints or 3 we are at dover pretty much.
So happy managed to get 2 seats each on the bus too!! So can slob easy. Everyone on the bus loves my hat too and all seem good laugh so it should be a good time training!
I think the aim is to be in val for 1 ish tomorrow so staying awake as long as i can.

Its finally sinking in im going away and im starting to get ezcited! But can everyone please please please pray and do the snow dance!
Will update when im next in france on wifi :-)

P.s. Joycey thinks blogging is graffiti with punctuation!!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

7 Days!!

Well my official leaving do was last night!! Bit of a crazy one thank you to everyone who came out, really good to see people a havent seen in years!

But there has been something puzzling me sin e last night........


Been keeping busy since last up date, servicing boards, and slooooooowly getting my gear together including managing to get earphones fitting with my new helmet!

Tomorrow is my early christmas with the family so cant wait!
TURKEY DINNER! And my stocking :-)

Oh ps the clegg dressed up aaaaaaaaalllll for me haha so said id show everyone lol

Bye for now :-)

Monday, 14 November 2011

12 DAYS!!

Well guys the time has almost come to be setting off for Val D!

For those who dont know i will be a resort rep at Val Disere! Working for a company called skiworld, and you should all book and come see me! :-)

I'm really not sure how long i will keep this going for, but i will try.
Denzel Jeremiah Jesse said i had to do one! so here goes...

Please all bear with me as i am trying to do it mainly using a app. On my phone!

I am slowly working through the list of things i need today i went shopping for DRUGS!! :-)
I did ask dad to make me a list but after him and my mum started discussing condoms i decided i should do this alone!! (but dont worry i got them)
I think i have all my boarding gear sorted hence the new helmet and goggles pic! Just left to service my boards... But that can be another days job :-P gotta space these jobs out so each day i feel i have achieved something! Im gonna some how now figure out how to publish this and let me know what you all think :-)