Thursday, 16 February 2012

Welll a lot has happened!!

So..... Where do i start! Had proudy dan ems and grave out for a few days and had a awesome week! One o the best weeks! I partied hard!

But i got ill, glandula fever! AWESOME! so i was ok then ill as soon as a had a day or 2 on mountain, and didnt have a drink for weeks! So came home for 2 weeks!! So stuck in carlisle till the 25th!! Booked my flights back and just so happens carl scholey headin out to tignes same flight for a week! So should be good hitting it up in tignes with him and deano is out end o march!

Im feeling better but come down with a chesty cough!! Bad times but that shall be gone by 25th! Even if not, time home has made me realise i neeeeeeeeed to get back to val and on my board! And not at parents!!

Gives me a chance to get a new setup too! Burton process 157 flying v and cartel est... Will be buying probably saturday! Whoop whoop cant wait to get back on my board! Still have a slayblade for sale 161 if anyone after a expensive board for less than half price!

Rite its thursday and we all know what happens in carlisle then so off out on my best sober behavior for a change!! Cant wait to drink again!!

Will try and update more often and also get pics when next out there!!

Also joycey pay the parking ticket from the pic i found on my phone lol u should just pay lol

Also need to fix my sallapets as a fell at 68mph and burnt a hole in them!! On ice!? Random but sore!!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Well.. Valley rally went well

Sooooo. We had valley rally. I made banana, grenadine , marsbar, mint choc chip, haribo, fizzy worms, glacier fruity sweets, peach and toffee flavoured vodka!! Orienteering over the mountain doing lots of tasks at various stations where us reps were waiting with shots in hand! I did dizzy sticks on a steep piste lol awesome day, 3 refused on a lift for being too drunk and 1 stuck in tignes and 1 bloodwagoned down as he was found  sleeping/unconscious on side of piste lol

Feeling a bit better now tho, as had glandula fever, but now just dead weak n if have busy day the next day im drained from it! But still enjouing it will be happier when im back to full strength!

Hardly managed to get out of late for a propper jib on mountain,  on a plus side tho majority of my guests have been awesome!! The bar crawl was epic! We now end in dicks tea bar which seems to go down well! And pub quiz had over a 100 people at it! Soooooo a may have some money this week lol what shall a buy??

Almost half way through season seens to of gone so quick! May have to start looking for another job for summer, back to back snow season is looking like being on the cards! Anyone know where has a late snow season to start hunting?

Any way on day in today at a chalet! Borrrrring as hell nout to do so off to angry birds it up to the max!! :-)

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Merry christmas...

Well christmas came and went... Just another day... Didnt seem any different! Had a good christmas staff party on tuesday tho!!

Its been a pretty smooth week. Transfer day tomorrow! Amd then a 8 day week! And then shpuld be normal from there out...

Had some good guests this week 6 aussie girls who are crazy lol but good fun! Its been a laugh doing guiding!

Got day in at one of the chalets today! Booooooorrrrrrriiiiingggg!!
So washing day and sit bored day... Lol
Ps nailed 180s this week!!!
Oh and chef jamie owes me 20 euros!!
Hence pic!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Changeover day crazyness

Well... Where to start!! Crazy crazy storms.. Worst for years complete whiteout blizzards, and strong winds! Up at 3!! We had a craaaaaazy deiver getting us to the airport who was over taking the snow plows lol and had no snowchains on either lol

Get to airport, no bags turned up off flight! I ended up repping a different bus than planned 55ppl on a 56 seater!!! So had my work cut out..
I managed to get round all guests and get paperwork done.. So i walk to the front to chill out grab a quick kip, oh and a had mentioned 3 times by this point to the busdriver to put chains on, the bus comes to a stop spinning on ice! So driver gets out to check situationn.... And doesnt put the hand brake on so we start rolling backeards... On a steep moubtain pass with a missive canyon and no fence stopping you going into it!  me and another passenger dive  into drivers seat and jump on brakes and
Evacuated bus as we saw how close we are to the cliff! The driver persists in trying to correct issue in a bliZard ends up sideways blocking road!! And im telling him he needs chains he got them out and it was apparent he didnt know how to fit them!!

So me n another guy stuck behind us managed to fit them..eventually! What a nightmare! No gloves hand sticking to chains and fingers turning funny colours a got some very snowy cold wet guests back on bus and set off again!  they were trying to shut the road.. But we had come to far to turn back lol 10k's from val d we get stuck... Again! Managed to get going after a hour!
Get to resort start dropping off to realise roads a need to go down are shut..due to avalanches and also were 2 of the chalets!! And the wind and snow is craaaaazy brutal.. After a lit of carrying bags and keeping guests calm we got them booked in other hotels and then i had to sort paperwork! 25 hour day lol with 4 hours sleep night before!
Is it wrong that i actually enjoyed the challenge if it all??
Beats p4u anyday!!

Saturday, 10 December 2011


First change over days yestrsay! Went smoother and i lost no ine!! Syprisiv as i not a clue how it all works!! Anf i got all lift pazssed to them by 9!! Winnre!!

First day guiding i had 3 oaps withmw nd almastbroke them doing a val diseretourhaha after he said a borsdr wohldnt keep uop!

First resort oriebtaition and losht 30 guests lol awesome night very cvinfusibg whmeny to shit bit guewt rmare happy"" abd i drank forfeee all nighy good timea bow na

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Well training has finished!

Well a good bits happenedwe have finished training had first day off today, but yet ended up doing a 4 hour planning meeting...

Have got a epic apre ski programme going on though, resort orientation (bar crawl) quiz night and managed to set up a exclusive discount card from scratch and negotiated discounts and deals with bars and shops and restaurants, at the cost of 10euros per week! Absolute bargain.. I have just ordered 1500 business cards which i designed as discount cards!

The resort manager led the val d team last night on a bar crawl amazing night! And i now have a love for toffee vodka i have found a shot i looooooove! :-) a now have my resort phone and its slowly coming together... Lift pass should be here tomorrow! So should get to know mountain a bit before my first guests! Name badge arrived too!

Just back from first apre ski event o season.. Was one o the people we sorted a deal with at petit danois was playing a few songs.. And she managed to get us a few free bevvies!! And a had thai beef curry was amazweballs!

Off to sleeps now busy day tomorrow!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

So training has started....

So training has been a whirlwind so far...  the guys teaching us it all are so funny really good guys so i havent fell asleep yet!! Its been good and i am slightly scared about how much reaponsibility im going to have and also how manu aspects of the job there is. Oh and the fact there is 4 reps to 240 ish customers each week lol

The reps ill be working with seem spot on! Really good team in val! Plus everyother rep are spot on met some good mates already shame they go to other resorts on saturday! And the talent out here is amaaaaaaaaazing!!

Had the ski guiding lesson yesterday and was awesome! Really got me excited cannot wait for the snow to come though!! Hopefully next day or too!

Just passed my food hygeine course. Think this is done so if people leave or its busy a can chip in in the kitchen and waiting tables etc...

Wish me luck got first transfer day on saturday at 5 am!! And will be a looooooooooong day probs 14 hour plus! But ah well worth it for tge lifestyle out here!!