Thursday, 1 December 2011

So training has started....

So training has been a whirlwind so far...  the guys teaching us it all are so funny really good guys so i havent fell asleep yet!! Its been good and i am slightly scared about how much reaponsibility im going to have and also how manu aspects of the job there is. Oh and the fact there is 4 reps to 240 ish customers each week lol

The reps ill be working with seem spot on! Really good team in val! Plus everyother rep are spot on met some good mates already shame they go to other resorts on saturday! And the talent out here is amaaaaaaaaazing!!

Had the ski guiding lesson yesterday and was awesome! Really got me excited cannot wait for the snow to come though!! Hopefully next day or too!

Just passed my food hygeine course. Think this is done so if people leave or its busy a can chip in in the kitchen and waiting tables etc...

Wish me luck got first transfer day on saturday at 5 am!! And will be a looooooooooong day probs 14 hour plus! But ah well worth it for tge lifestyle out here!!

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