Sunday, 4 December 2011

Well training has finished!

Well a good bits happenedwe have finished training had first day off today, but yet ended up doing a 4 hour planning meeting...

Have got a epic apre ski programme going on though, resort orientation (bar crawl) quiz night and managed to set up a exclusive discount card from scratch and negotiated discounts and deals with bars and shops and restaurants, at the cost of 10euros per week! Absolute bargain.. I have just ordered 1500 business cards which i designed as discount cards!

The resort manager led the val d team last night on a bar crawl amazing night! And i now have a love for toffee vodka i have found a shot i looooooove! :-) a now have my resort phone and its slowly coming together... Lift pass should be here tomorrow! So should get to know mountain a bit before my first guests! Name badge arrived too!

Just back from first apre ski event o season.. Was one o the people we sorted a deal with at petit danois was playing a few songs.. And she managed to get us a few free bevvies!! And a had thai beef curry was amazweballs!

Off to sleeps now busy day tomorrow!

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