Sunday, 18 December 2011

Changeover day crazyness

Well... Where to start!! Crazy crazy storms.. Worst for years complete whiteout blizzards, and strong winds! Up at 3!! We had a craaaaaazy deiver getting us to the airport who was over taking the snow plows lol and had no snowchains on either lol

Get to airport, no bags turned up off flight! I ended up repping a different bus than planned 55ppl on a 56 seater!!! So had my work cut out..
I managed to get round all guests and get paperwork done.. So i walk to the front to chill out grab a quick kip, oh and a had mentioned 3 times by this point to the busdriver to put chains on, the bus comes to a stop spinning on ice! So driver gets out to check situationn.... And doesnt put the hand brake on so we start rolling backeards... On a steep moubtain pass with a missive canyon and no fence stopping you going into it!  me and another passenger dive  into drivers seat and jump on brakes and
Evacuated bus as we saw how close we are to the cliff! The driver persists in trying to correct issue in a bliZard ends up sideways blocking road!! And im telling him he needs chains he got them out and it was apparent he didnt know how to fit them!!

So me n another guy stuck behind us managed to fit them..eventually! What a nightmare! No gloves hand sticking to chains and fingers turning funny colours a got some very snowy cold wet guests back on bus and set off again!  they were trying to shut the road.. But we had come to far to turn back lol 10k's from val d we get stuck... Again! Managed to get going after a hour!
Get to resort start dropping off to realise roads a need to go down are shut..due to avalanches and also were 2 of the chalets!! And the wind and snow is craaaaazy brutal.. After a lit of carrying bags and keeping guests calm we got them booked in other hotels and then i had to sort paperwork! 25 hour day lol with 4 hours sleep night before!
Is it wrong that i actually enjoyed the challenge if it all??
Beats p4u anyday!!

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