Friday, 27 January 2012

Well.. Valley rally went well

Sooooo. We had valley rally. I made banana, grenadine , marsbar, mint choc chip, haribo, fizzy worms, glacier fruity sweets, peach and toffee flavoured vodka!! Orienteering over the mountain doing lots of tasks at various stations where us reps were waiting with shots in hand! I did dizzy sticks on a steep piste lol awesome day, 3 refused on a lift for being too drunk and 1 stuck in tignes and 1 bloodwagoned down as he was found  sleeping/unconscious on side of piste lol

Feeling a bit better now tho, as had glandula fever, but now just dead weak n if have busy day the next day im drained from it! But still enjouing it will be happier when im back to full strength!

Hardly managed to get out of late for a propper jib on mountain,  on a plus side tho majority of my guests have been awesome!! The bar crawl was epic! We now end in dicks tea bar which seems to go down well! And pub quiz had over a 100 people at it! Soooooo a may have some money this week lol what shall a buy??

Almost half way through season seens to of gone so quick! May have to start looking for another job for summer, back to back snow season is looking like being on the cards! Anyone know where has a late snow season to start hunting?

Any way on day in today at a chalet! Borrrrring as hell nout to do so off to angry birds it up to the max!! :-)

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