Thursday, 16 February 2012

Welll a lot has happened!!

So..... Where do i start! Had proudy dan ems and grave out for a few days and had a awesome week! One o the best weeks! I partied hard!

But i got ill, glandula fever! AWESOME! so i was ok then ill as soon as a had a day or 2 on mountain, and didnt have a drink for weeks! So came home for 2 weeks!! So stuck in carlisle till the 25th!! Booked my flights back and just so happens carl scholey headin out to tignes same flight for a week! So should be good hitting it up in tignes with him and deano is out end o march!

Im feeling better but come down with a chesty cough!! Bad times but that shall be gone by 25th! Even if not, time home has made me realise i neeeeeeeeed to get back to val and on my board! And not at parents!!

Gives me a chance to get a new setup too! Burton process 157 flying v and cartel est... Will be buying probably saturday! Whoop whoop cant wait to get back on my board! Still have a slayblade for sale 161 if anyone after a expensive board for less than half price!

Rite its thursday and we all know what happens in carlisle then so off out on my best sober behavior for a change!! Cant wait to drink again!!

Will try and update more often and also get pics when next out there!!

Also joycey pay the parking ticket from the pic i found on my phone lol u should just pay lol

Also need to fix my sallapets as a fell at 68mph and burnt a hole in them!! On ice!? Random but sore!!

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