Monday, 14 November 2011

12 DAYS!!

Well guys the time has almost come to be setting off for Val D!

For those who dont know i will be a resort rep at Val Disere! Working for a company called skiworld, and you should all book and come see me! :-)

I'm really not sure how long i will keep this going for, but i will try.
Denzel Jeremiah Jesse said i had to do one! so here goes...

Please all bear with me as i am trying to do it mainly using a app. On my phone!

I am slowly working through the list of things i need today i went shopping for DRUGS!! :-)
I did ask dad to make me a list but after him and my mum started discussing condoms i decided i should do this alone!! (but dont worry i got them)
I think i have all my boarding gear sorted hence the new helmet and goggles pic! Just left to service my boards... But that can be another days job :-P gotta space these jobs out so each day i feel i have achieved something! Im gonna some how now figure out how to publish this and let me know what you all think :-)

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